Slingo Rainbow Riches Free Play Mode

Slingo Rainbow Riches Free Play Mode

Enter the vibrant and colorful world of Rainbow Riches. But this time with a little twist. From the name itself “Slingo”, it is a combination of a bingo and a slot game in one, along with the classic features from the original slot. One of the best things you can enjoy from this game is how it immerses you in the constant ongoing progress of your winnings throughout your gameplay. However, one look at the game for the first timers might overwhelm them because of the multiple things that are going on at the same time when the game starts. 

But worry not as we will provide everything you need to know about Slingo Rainbow Riches and the new things to know that you will apply whenever you play the game with real money. Test out your luck and potential in this game as you try out the game for free in free/demo mode. Try out different strategies, understand the game’s winning flow, and most importantly know how much you can possibly win. 

What is Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo is a portmanteau of “Slots” and “Bingo”. Two entirely different games but their winnings are mostly dependent on the player’s luck and determination. When these two games are combined, you experience many new and familiar things from the previous games you have played.  

As you start the game in free/demo mode, you can freely choose any amount since you are playing without stake. First, choose a stake amount by clicking the “+” and “-” button. You are usually provided with 10 balls 

The game affects not only your overall luck but also your determination and strategic mind on when to take bigger risks to win bigger prizes. The gameplay is pretty simple; What you need to focus on is the bingo part of the game on the right side. Similar to how you play bingo, use the balls to spin until you eventually match the numbers that appear on the 5×5 grid. Once you make certain patterns such as horizontal, vertical, or diagonal for a total of 5 numbers, you will land a slingo. 


There are a total of 10 Slingos with different bonuses to trigger once you reach 5 Slingos. 

5 Slingos: landing this will win you the Wishing Well bonus. There are three wishing wells that will appear and you will choose only one of them. Each of the wishing wells has a corresponding instant prize multiplier. 

6 Slingos: Activates the Cash Crop Bonus. During this bonus, there are 50 spinning coins in the game. What these coins do is simply reward you with various multiplier awards.

7 Slingos: Activates the Magic Toadstool Bonus. In this bonus, you are to choose one out of three mushrooms. Each of these mushrooms contains an instant multiplier prize. Though this is entirely similar to the Wishing Well Bonus, the Magic Toadstool Bonus has a chance that a fairy will appear and assist you by revealing what is hidden inside the mushroom’s prizes. 

8 Slingos: Activates the Red Magic Toadstool Bonus. This is entirely the same with the Magic Toadstool Bonus. However, the instant multiplier prizes here are bigger and better.

9 Slingos: Activates to Road to Riches Bonus. A mini-game appears together with the mini-slot for you to play. The mini-slot gives you a certain winning during the bonus. A road will appear for the leprechaun to walk on. Every step on the road increases the prize significantly and if ever you reach the end of the road, you will be awarded the 500x stake pot. Moreover, there is a “collect” option where you choose to instantly collect the prizes and end the bonus round. The decision is entirely up to you.

10 Slingos: Activates the Road to Riches Red Bonus. It is still the same with Road to Riches Red but with bigger prizes that await you. 


Is there a free spin bonus in Slingo Rainbow Riches?

Yes, there is a free spin. The free spins in this game add an extra/additional spin to your total. 

What is the RTP of this game?

The RTP of this game is 95.6%. However, the percentage may always vary from player to player so you will likely have a different RTP in this game. 

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